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The Statement for the Copyright of
ChangshuKailiou Commercial Equipment CO., LTD.

   1. It is a property in the copyright Changshu Kailiou Commercial Equipment CO., LTD. (Kailio-u®) that includes the various types of shopping carts and the correlation shopping carts pict-ures, the information's and kinds of specific subjects & column, which published on the web-site: Neither units nor individual are allowed to copy or imitate this website, and set up mirror image on the server if it hasn't the authorization or by Changshu Kailiou Commercial Equipment CO.,LTD.(Kailiou®). And Changshu Kailiou Commercial Equipment CO., LTD. (Kailiou®) has all of knowledge property right for the matters technical instrumentality and services which opened-up by himself or together with others.

   2. Changshu Kailiou Commercial Equipment CO., LTD. (Kailiou®) is an extraversion enter-prise and has independent legal personality. At present, there no any branches in both dom-estic and oversea besides for Taiwan and Naijing area. Hereby, we'dlike to remind specially that beware of imitations while purchasing the Kailiou®shopping carts.

   3. If there appears any action against the property which mentioned above, the units or individuals will be looked into the legal responsibilities by the Perennial Legal Consul of Changshu Kailiou Commercial Equipment CO., LTD. (Kailiou®) .

                        Changshu Kailiou Commercial Equipment CO., LTD.

                              January 1st, 2003

©    Copyright.    Kailiou Commercial Equipment Co.,Ltd    Rights reserved
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